05.11.16Show cancelled

The show at Lilt Lounge on 5/12/2016 featuring David Chiverton and Eric England has been cancelled by the Lilt Lounge. Sorry for any possible inconvenience.

04.27.16New CD on itunes "Amédé"

My self-produced sophmore album features fresh original Haitian music with guest artists Emeline Michel, Martine Marseille, Joe Ferdinand, Solomon Dorsey, Melanie Charles, Obed Calvaire, Godwin Louis, Harold St. Louis, Reginald Policard, Mushy Widmaier, and many more. Enjoy!

12.15.15New Album, \"Amédé, now available for download on CDBaby


12.04.15My new CD "Amédé", will be available very soon!

My 2nd independent release entitled "Amédé" will be released in a matter of weeks. It features Emeline Michel, Martine Marseille, Joe Ferdinand, Solom Dorsey, Godwin Louis, Mushy Widmaier, Reginald Policard and many other great artists. More info to come.

10.20.14I'm pleased to announce that I am now a Yamaha Artist.

I'm pleased to announce that I am now a Yamaha Artist. Check out my page on Yamaha.com

09.11.13Back on tour with Michael Buble!

11.12.12Great show last nght!

Last night I performed in BK as a leader and we rocked Kombit Restaurant & Bar! As a group we really put out our best and connected with the audience. I'm excited because I've spent so much time as a side man that I forgot how good it feels to lead your own project. It's a lot of work but it's truly worth it. Hope to see you at my next show!

10.10.12Love, laughter, and a lot of music

Last week we video recorded Michael Bublé's Christmas special in Vancouver. It will air in December and features many special guests. I got to meet Kevin Clash! I'm working with singers so I can finish my second album that I've been working on forever. I'm also excited to perform at "Jesse Fischer & Soul Cycle's" CD release party on Oct 27th @ Bamcafé. If you're in NY I'd love to see you there!

12.31.11Happy New Year everyone!

I just got back from Haiti where I performed on NYE with Caribbean Sextet. I really had a great time. Beautiful music, happy beautiful people, and perfect weather. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the food was delicious. Watched "Crazy, Stupid, Love" on the plane back to NY, great movie! I've decided to give myself a March deadline to record my vocals for my CD. Stay tunes folks.

12.06.11See me on National TV tonight!

Tune in to see me on TV tonight on the Michael Bublé Christmas TV special! Tuesday, 12/6 NBC 8pm ET in the United States and in Canada on CTV 8ET. Justin Beiber, Thalia, and Naturally 7 are among the special guests.

12.06.11Amazing time in Haiti this past week!

I spent six days in Haiti and had two great performances. The first was with pianist, Reginald Policard at the "Invest in Haiti" Forum at Karibe Hotel, where Former President Bill Clinton and the President of Haiti, Michel Martelly, and actor, Sean Penn were in attendance. The second was at Tara's with the legendary Caribbean Sextet. It had been over 15 years since this band performed together. It felt so special to be a part of their legacy. I hope they continue to share their music. I had fun performing on stage with them.

11.27.11I'll be performing on NBC's "The Today Show" tomorrow morning (Nov 28th)

Tune into NBC’s The Today Show Monday, November 28th to see me perform with Michael Bublé, we will perform songs from the new Christmas album!

10.22.11Just got back from Aruba and London

Just performed at the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival in Aruba with the Bremo & Jansen project. Eddie Palmieri, Richard Bona, Raul Midon, and Candy Dulfer were also performing at the Festival. After that, I went to London to record a Christmas Special with Michael Bublé. It was a great production filled with special guests. Gary Barlow, Kelly Rowland, The Puppini Sisters, and Naturally 7. It will air on ITV on Christmas day. Feeling blessed to be a part of so many fun musical projects. Now I'm back in NY doing what I have to do in order to finish my second album. Stay tuned and thanks for visiting.

09.20.11Back in NY, well just for a lil' bit

The life of a touring musician is never dull. Looking forward to performing in Aruba at the Carribean Sea Jazz Festival in Aruba Oct. 7th with Bremo & Jansen Project. Angie Stone, Eddie Palmieri, Raul Midon, Richard Bona, and Candy Dulfer are also performing. http://www.caribbeanseafoundation.com/

08.05.11Licthfield Jazz Camp and final leg of the Crazy Love Tour with Michael Bublé

Just finished my second year of teaching at the Litchfield Jazz Camp in Kent, CT. It was an even better experience this year. I feel like I had more to share from being on tour with Michael Bublé for the past 14 months. Now I'm on the final leg of the Crazy Love Tour with Michael Bublé. I'm having mixed feelings. I'm definitely gonna miss touring with Michael until we start up again but I am looking forward to finishing other exciting projects. Like my album which I plan to sing on, reforming my band, and touring under my own name. Ya'll better watch out for Jean Caze!

06.16.11On tour with Michael Bublé

Really enjoying this leg of the U.S. tour with Michael Bublé. I'm also looking forward to teaching at the Litchfield Jazz Camp this July. Lately, I've been feeling really blessed to live in a world of music and love. There's nothing like feeling grateful and at peace, and then sharing that feeling with the world.

01.13.11Awesome Studio Session

Just had a great 2 days in the studio recording with Soul Cycle. Musicians on the project include Stefon Harris, Brian Hogans, Gretchen Parlato, Jesse Fischer, Josh David, Tivon Pennicott, Jerome Jennings and more great talent. I'm very proud to be a part of the project so look out for it.

11.30.10My first performance @ MSG w/Michael Bublé

So on Sunday, November 28th I performed at Madison Square Garden for the first time. It was Michael Bublé's 100th show of the "Crazy Love" tour. What made the event extra special was that the two most important people in my life were in attendance, my mother and my sister. It's been about 5 months since I've joined Michael Bublé's band and I'm loving every minute of it. Everyone on his team is a pleasure to work with. The only fourteen-piece band I know of selling out arenas all over the world playing pop jazz!

The excitement continued the following morning when we performed live on the "Today Show" (NBC). The last time I got to perform on NBC was while I was in High School, performing with the legendary rock group Chicago. Here I am again 10 years later! This time played Michael's latest single, "Hollywood" and "Some Kind of Wonderful". Despite having to do three consecutive show days prior to the show, Michael delivered an amazing performance. Check out the link to check it out

10.26.10Just had the most amazing week in Miami!

So I'm on tour with Michael Bublé and we had a week long break in the tour, so I planned to have a chilled out week in Miami but instead I had an inspiring and exciting week. I performed at Churchills with Fernando Ulibarri, The Globe with Troy Roberts, and at an FMU gala with Nicole Henry. I also sat in with Brian Murphy and Donna Blue at the Luna Star Cafe, with Jason Carder at Tobacco Road, and Nicole Henry at the Blue Martini. I even got cut by Jason Carder at a jam session @ The Fish House! I will have to return the favor one day......... I also caught Randy Brecker's performance with my Alma Mater, FIU. It was really exceptional. Rashawn Ross also performed (Since he is now Faculty) and killed it. If that wasn't enough, I found time to teach at Broward College and for those of you who don't know, I absolutely love to teach. Jason Hainsworth and the entire faculty are doing a great job over there. The highlight of my trip though was spending quality time with my family and friends, especially my young cousins in Delray. They made me feel so young and old at the same time! I miss them already. It looks like I'll be back in Miami November 19th to perform with one of my favorite trumpeters, Mr. Melton Mustafa. If you don't know about him you'd better find out! I'll keep you posted. Cheers everyone. JC

10.16.10I just spent the day at the Adams factory in Holland

I spent the day trying out all of these great instruments at the Adams factory in Thorn (Netherlands) and now I'm having a Custom flugelhorn made for me. Adams is dedicated to making sure each artists walks out 100% satisfied. What a pleasure to work with such a company. I will have a great new instrument soon, check back soon for I will be sharing the new sounds with you all.

09.26.10I just uploaded new videos!

Click on the videos section to see all the new videos I just put up, including one of me performing with Michael Bublé enjoy!!

08.14.10I am now playing on a GR trumpet mouthpiece

Thanks to Brian Scriver for helping me find the perfect fit. I can honestly say I am excited about the differences in my trumpet playing now that I'm playing on a GR trumpet mouthpiece.

08.14.10Enjoy the new music I just uploaded on the site!

The music clips are from a live show in Miami at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) on 5.28.10. Featuring the following greats; David Chiverton - drums, Dave Siegel - keys, Harvel Nakundi - drums, Addi Lafosse - bass, and yours truly on trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals, and effects.

08.01.10Had a wonderful two weeks teaching at Litchfield Jazz Camp!

Eventhough it wasn't my first experience teaching at a jazz camp, this was by far the most rewarding. I felt I have had the most growth as an artist in the last few years and I was able to share what I learned with the students and faculty. I woke up with a definite sense of purpose, knowing I had the power to make a difference in anyone whom I came in contact with. I smiled more, gave more, and practiced more. Thanks to everyone at Litchfield, students, faculty, admin, and parents. These experiences truly shape lives.

Click on the link to find out more info about Litchfield Jazz Camp and Festival.

06.21.10I'm going on tour with Michael Bublé!

Check on the link to find out if we'll be in your city. http://www.michaelbuble.com/tourdates

05.30.10Two great shows in Miami!

Thanks to all my Miami friends and family who came to the shows in Miami. At the MOCA show people waited out the rain under umbrellas, in their car, and any where they could find shelter. We finally performed and it was amazing! I sang for the first time as a leader and I will remember the experience forever. The show at the EBS Jazz Lounge was great too. I had a different band with me. We played Mushy Widmaiers compositions and arrangements. I sold a lot of CD's and made new fans. Can't wait to come back.


Sorry I havent been updating the live performances section. I've been so busy. I just got back From St. Lucia and Curacao. Both amazing places. I'm going into the studio to record the vocals for my album this week. This project is so special to me. I am mixing my haitian music with jazz to create a fresh new sound. Stay tuned.

04.09.10Played with Roberta Flack this weekend!

Played with Roberta Flack, Eric Roberson, Rhonda Thomas, N'Dambi, Navasha Daya, and Marva King this past weekend at Howard University. Thanks to Maestro Lee Pearson for making it all happen!

02.02.10Check me out on BET tonight (Tuesday Feb 2nd) @ 11pm!

I will be performing with Laura Izibor on "The Monique Show", on BET at 11pm. We taped the show a couple of weeks ago. And yes I'm rockin' a fro, I took it back. Let me know what you think when you see it. God bless

01.31.10Jean Caze on the "The Monique Show" this Tuesday

Look out for me on the Monique Show on BET this Tuesday @11pm. I will be performing with Atlantic recording artist, Laura Izibor

01.24.10CD Baby helps Haiti!

Starting January 25th - February 8th, CD Baby will donate $1 toward Haitian earthquake relief for every CD and album download sold. Go to www.cdbaby.com and buy some music! If you don't have my CD, buy it now!

01.21.10Happy New Year everyone!

I just finished doing a taping of "The Monique Show" for BET where I will appear performing in Laura Izibors band. Look out for my first ever T.V. debut as a background singer! The schedule is at http://www.bet.com/OnTV/Schedule/
I will be performing in a few fundraisers for Haiti. Check back soon for more info. Until then, be well.

10.27.09Had a blast performing with the Roy Hargrove big band

The gig was at the Jazz Gallery and the band was really incredible. It was truly inspirational to hear so many great musicians play together without egos.

09.26.09On the road!

I just started touring with Atlantic recording artist, Laura Izibor. We are opening for John Legend

05.04.09Pics from the European tour with Lee Pearson and Lonnie Liston Smith

05.04.09Pics from live show with Reginald Policard @ the Gusman Theater in Miami May 3rd

Live show featuring
Richard Barbot - bass
Harvel Nakundi - bass

05.04.09Two new sound clips on my myspace page!

Check out "Lounge" and "Solo on Boarding Pass" and let me know what you think!

04.25.09Thanks to everyone who came out to MOCA last night!

Last nights show was amazing. I had some of the best musicians in South Florida backing me up! Dave Siegel (p), Leo Brooks (b), Harvel Nakundi (d), Jan Sebon (perc), and Sam Sefleur (perc). I really enjoyed sharing my new music/arrangements with the crowd. We woke up North Miami. Can't wait to do it again!

03.23.09Going to the Hit Factory today to record song #2!

I'm recording a Reginald Policard original composition today..... The line up is Obed Calvaire on drums, Reginald Policard on piano, and Addi Laffose on bass. The new album is going to be well worth the wait.

03.23.09The recording session was a huge success!

I recorded the second song for the next album today at the Hit Factory. it's a beautiful bossa nova composed by Reginald Policard. Shout out to engineer Javier Carrion for a spectacular job! Obed Calvaire, Addi Lafosse, and Reginald Policard were at their very best. I can't wait to finish this project!

03.05.09Look out for my upcoming tour with Lee Pearson and Dr. Lonnie Smith

The tour will start on April 3rd in Europe and feature music by composer and drummer, Lee Pearson. Special guest Lonnie Smith. Come back soon for more details.

02.21.09I just recorded the first song for the next album!

I recorded the first song at the studio of pianist, producer, and entrepreneur Fabrice Rouzier in Haiti. I'm really excited about this project! The song will feature it's composer, Ralph Caze on guitar and vocals. Richard Barbot on bass, and Azor on percussion. Stay tuned for more updates as I continue to work on my sophmore release.

02.10.09I just had Vision Correction surgery!

I just had Custom Lasik. I love it, I have perfect vision without glasses or contacts. It really is incredible to wake up and not have to depend on something to see well. The surgery was quick and painless, I recommend it to anyone.

02.04.09I have have been selected to participate in the 2009 Betty Carter’s Jazz Ahead residency program

The 2009 Betty Carter’s Jazz Ahead residency program will be held at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC.

Click on the link for more info

01.29.09Photos from the 2009 International Jazz Festival in Port-au Prince

Photos from my performance with Reginald Policard in Haiti. We had a great time, would a beautiful country. Shout out to Aaron Goldberg for jamming with us at the Hotel Oloffson.

01.13.09Jean Caze is in the studio recording for Shedley Abraham's jazz project

12.21.08Happy New Year everyone! Check out the new video section

10.07.08New video clips on my myspace page

Video #1 Improvising on "You Don't Know What Love Is" @ Sweet Rhythm Jam
Video #2 Performing @ S.O.B.'s with special guest Melanie Charles
Video #3 Improvising on "Just Friends" @ Sweet Rhythm Jam Session

09.22.08New track in Audio section!

Contains a sound clip of my solo on "Yanvalou Blue", from Reginald Policard's latest album entitled, Changing Moods.

09.20.08Jean Caze performs with "Tabou Combo" in Martinique and French Guyana

Refered to as the "Best Haitian Compas Band In The World". Check out their website. www.taboucombo.com

06.29.08Live Performance updates

06.29.08Live Performance updates

12.11.07More new photos from the Monk Competition

11.08.07New photos in the gallery

11.03.07Jean Caze places second in the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition!

10.16.07Jean Caze performs live on "The South Forida Today Show" on NBC6

Come back soon to see the video

09.27.07Jean Caze is selected as a semi-finalist in the Thelonious Monk Jazz Competition

07.23.07Jean Caze returns from Haiti

Jean Caze performed with Mushy Widamier, Sara Renelique, Jowee Omicil, Azor, Richard Barbot, and Joel Widmaier at Valerio Canez. The concert was a huge success and was broadcast live on Television Nationale d'Haiti (TNH). Visit soon for reviews, photos, and video clips.

06.07.07Interview with Karijazz

06.06.07New live photos

04.22.07Jean Caze performs at the 2nd Annual Haitian Jazz Festival

The first show was held at Irving Plaza in New York. The second show was held at the Carnival Center. Jean Caze performed with Mushy Widaier and Reginald Policard. For more info, go to www.haitianjazzfestival.com "Both were truly great events that I was proud to be a part of". Jean Caze

03.03.07Jean Caze returns to Haiti for the International Jazz Festival

Jean Caze joins Reginald Policard for two performances in the International Festival in Haiti. One at Valerio Canez (broadcast live on T.V.) and the other at the French Institute. Come back for reviews and possible sound clips.

02.16.07You are currently listening to clips from Jean's new album. Click here to buy now!

02.16.07Photoshoot for "Voila!"

Jean has recently completed a photoshoot for "Voila!", a division of Comcell, Haiti's largest wireless carrier. Check back soon for advertisements.