Just got tickets to hear you guys play in Dallas on the 18th - really look forward to it!!

hey mr jean caze. i really love your playing and your music. Just bought your album from itunes and i love it. i'm from a small country in south east asia called singapore. you inspire me as a trumpet player. Thanks

Congrats on all of your success! True fan very proud of you! Best of luck on the tour with Michael! Can't wait to see what the future holds for your career!


could listen to miami jazz scene forever. i am actually listening to it right now. its the kind of music that could & should go on forever!!

The music title" Haitian Peace Song " is one of my favorite on the CD.

The performance a Kombit restaurant was exceptional. I had such a wonderful time. I am feel preveleged and honored to have met you. I also brought your cd which i love deeply. I am looking forward for your next performance.

Truly happy for you and I'm sure you'be heard this before. Follow your heart and your dreams will no longer be dreams.

Still and will alwasys be a huge fan, your my inspiration everyday.

Hi Jean!
I hope all is well!
Just wanted to say hello! I'm very proud of your accomplishments and keep up the great work! You are truly a one of a kind artist!

Superb! Best Wishes!

Awesome stuff! You're an amazing player
All the best

hi jean-jean, i really miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i hope ur having fun. and guess what i got straight "A"'s, yea 7 of them in a row, i kno its amazing. So cant wait to see u agian.

You are a great musicia. Aux ames bien nees la valeur n'attend point le nombre des annes.

An amazing gift you have !
I truly love seeing and hearing you play .
All the best.. Hiope you will be back with us at Litchfield Jazz Camp

Love the show.

Wow, what a show last night in Kelowna with Michael Buble....and what a wonderful surprise to hear your ahead of the show at the Rotary Centre Jazz Jam night! Hearing you play alongside some of the younger local musicians who came out to jam and was an unexpected and inspirational treat. Thanks for sharing your gift!

I am very proud of you.

Looking forward to hearing Jean live @Saint Lucia Jazz 2011 as part of the Wèspé Pou Ayiti Project. Welcome to Saint Lucia Jean.
Maria Fontenelle

Hi Jean , I can't wait for the new album. Iknow you are working hard to get it out but i just cant wait . You know I'm a big fannnn.... Keep up the good work

So proud to be able to sign your guestbook. I remember when we just kids in band together. I wish you much more sucess and everything good life has to offer for the future, much love -Gen

I have seen your work from your high school days at Queens College - I knew then you would be a force to be reckon with! You are a true artist to say the least and I can feel your sounds as you play!!

Loving the sounds and style of Jean Caze. It was really great to meet you in person, a true gentleman with a flair for the arts!

It was such a pleasure talking to you Jean, I love your music you have such great talent keep it up... I am looking forward to meeting you in florida. Ciao!

It is so awesome to see a young cat step up to breathe new life and freshness to jazz. Thanks for stepping up for the new generation!

i'm your biggest FAN... can't wait to see you tonight:)

So proud of you! WIshing you continued success in your career. You are definately going places! Keep smiling and doing what you love!

Awesome....just ordered the CD!! Great guy, amazing talent, keep it up Jean

Jean...It's so good to find you and check out your site. It is awesome! Keep inspiring and being the amazing trumpeter/musician you were born to be! I'll be in Miami in August....Would love to catch up my brother!

Beautful ...I look forward to seeing you perform in Miami

Hi Jean,
THis is my first time hearing of you. I am going to hear you perform in two days at the Museum of Oontemporary art in Miami May 28th. Looking forward to the concert!

i took my time to listen to your lines. man, let me tell you u are a blessing. and it is an honor to have you on my new album. 917-529-1754

Hi Jean,
Hope you got some good news from your hometown regarding your close family. But you must have lost many friends.
My heart, thoughts and prayers are with you and all the Haitian people.
Hope to catch you soon at one of your performance.
Keep the faith.

You rock! I love your music!

Thanks for teaching me how to play the trumpet!


I love to hear you play. You are an awsome man and I pray God keep blessing you with healthy lungs, and breath in your body to keep playing the way you do.

God Bless-

Hi, just want to say that I really like your CD and I'm enjoying it every day!!!

Can't wait to watch you perform again. Your music takes me to another place.....FABULOUS!

Can't wait to hear and see you tomorrow night on South Beach!
Lookin' forwad to this event,

Great web page for a great musician!..and a better friend!...i'm extremely happy and proud of your friendship hope you continue to have the success you greatly deserve.

hey! I just wanted to say that your music truly inspires me. My father loves listening to you and got me into it as well. will you be coming to miami in summer?

I saw you at Solomon's Porch on Saturday and I have two complaints. One, I wanted to see more of you, your time on stage was too limited. You are simply phenominal! Second, I did not get a chance to talk to you personally and express how wonderful your music made me feel. Thanks for touching me so........

YAY! for progress towards the sophmore album. Excited about the line-up on the first recorded track. Thanks for keeping us posted. Peace.

I love your rendition with the daryl stoke band \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"But not for me\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\".Your solo is very groovy!

Thanks for performing at Jazzy*Phatt @ The District in Miami. The crowd truly enjoyed your performance.

Blue Area Ent

i miss you so much jean-jean. i wish you could come visit us again. i see you are becoming successful. i hope you don't forget about us and i hope you don't forget about Jehovah. He's watching you.

You're a Jeanius! your unspoken words of music speaks loudly to me. Your personality is charismatic, Your success will continue to rise in milestones!

Great Performace at Jazz In The Garden 2008.

Hey Jean,

really enjoyed meeting you ,hearing you,and playing with you last night with Mike Longo.Hope to get you on our next gig.Your an original,.


Bob Magnuson


Absolute pleasure meeting and playing with you. Your music blows me away.


I am so proud of and inspired by your journey! Congratulations on your successes thus far and for those to come. Put on your shades because your future is bright! Chapo ba fre-m!

Jean...Congratulations on your recent accomplishments and the outstanding music you create. It seems like only a few months ago that your were winning recognition and scholarship funds from our Jeanette Russell Jazz Scholarship Program. We wish you grat success in the future and you will always be one of our "STARS"

I love your CD it gets me throught the day. Much Love
Melrose MSM

Je suis tellement content de signer ce carnet des invites, car pour moi , ce geste temoigne d'un interet particulier que je porte a la musique de Jean Caze. Jean caze tous mes compliments . Succes a n'en plus finir...


Just got introduced to your music. And I llove it!
When are you coming to Montreal??

Ok, how about I was already a big fan, I got bigger after our show in Chicago and the Zekle concert in Haiti. Tu prends ta passion au serieux, ca se sent et ca se voit. So honored to have the chance to be on stage with you.
As a friend I'm very very proud of you!

Keepin it alive!! can't wait to hear the good things to come from you...make your way out to colorado!!


Wow! Shades of Miles....... with your own personal imprint.

sooo! proud to see that your a beutiful, soulful haitian brother. may god keep blessing you.
chantale HSTV

It was an honor sharing a stage with you.

God bless you always and much success on your way to the very top !


Hi,Jean! Love your music. Your tranpet sounds like talking to me!! Talk to me more~. :)


Thank you for a great performance tonight at Tribeca Performing Arts Center in New York. I was delighted by your kind words towards your mother and your grandmother. I am looking forward to seeing you on stage in New Jersey next year.

Yours truly,


Monsieur Caze, j’ai voulu vous dire quelque chose mais je réalise que tout a été dit. Un fait est que, les mots en dépit de leur potentiel descriptif ne sauraient exprimés clairement ce que vous faites avec la trompette. C’est exactement ce qui se passe en moi. Les mots que j’aimerais utilisés pour extérioriser mes émotions se trouvent congestionnés quelque part dans ma tête. Peu import s’il y a un quelconque embouteillage dans mon esprit. Heureusement mes oreilles sont grandes ouvertes pour recevoir les vibrations émanant de cet instrument que vous maitrisez divinement bien et qui devient votre alter ego. La trompette est certes un instrument bruyant mais à vous l’entendre jouer même sans sourdine, elle craie en moi une étonnante sensation de béatitude très proche de l’hallucination. Continuer à vous surpasser sans limite.
Roselin Jean

Hi, Jean:
I was your theory teacher at MAP -- I don't know if you remember me. I'm so proud of you. Congratulations on all your success.
All the best,
Lisa Whitfield

J'apprecis ton courage et ton devouement pour faire valloir la music haitienne a travers le monde .Je te suverai tres pret.

Hi Jean, it was a real pleasure to listen to your CD. Beside Jonathan Laurince, I was not aware of any great trumpet players...I certainly hope that there will be more to come so that we can enlarge our musical arena, not to only include Konpa, but jazz, blues, etc. Keep up the good work brother. God bless.

Hey Jean. We have a mutual friend in Nina Vidal. I heard you on her new record and really enjoyed it. I like what I hear on here too. You sound wonderful man.

Hi Jean! I was not aware of your cd until a friend mentioned it- I am very impressed especially with your rendition of Kote Moun Yo- Keep up the good work-

Very smooth music. You are a cool cat Jean!


Hi mr.jean memba me da grl wit da rap!! how u been thanks for the song and they said we were doing anotha show well i dnt noe i mjust wanted to show ur website some luv!!!

It was an experience to see you live... Impressive from begining to the end. I'm a big fan

Sounded great last night! As a former trumpet player I can really appreciate your talent at an admirable level. Hope you keep doing sick things. It's an honor to get to listen to your tunes live every other Thursday at Sheba. And don't even think about reducing the frequency gigs...that's nonsense!

You're the man...

Your musicians last night were incredible also...specially Omar Tavarez on drums! ;-)

Best wishes on your rising in the business!

Wow man, I knew you'd go far with music, it's just cool that someone I used to play with back in FIU is doing all this. Always a motivation for me to hear you play. Matter of fact, I'm gonna stop writing this and go practice. God bless you in all your endeavors. Keep up the great work.

i heard you play once at " le nouveau cafe" you were awsome. I brought your Cd not knowing what i was getting... i have to admit your are G O O D....my husband and i are still enjoying your Cd , keep it up,,

hey, remember me? I met you on sunday at the COUNCIL OAK restaurant and bought you cd!
Just wanted to tell you say hi, and tell you that your music is great!!!

I was very impressed by your last perfomance at sheeba.It was my first not my last.

Finally, a true talent on the scene... here's to everything bright that's ahead for you.

You sounjd good fam...look foward to playing with you. EZ


I witnessed your brilliant performance at the OASIS premiere and was blown away! As a bonus, it's inspriring that it came from a young Haitian man :-)
Looking forward to enjoying your CD!


I don't think you remember me, but I still have audio tapes of you playing "april in paris" and "groove merchant" at home from the Bayside H.S. Jazz/Pops concert (1999), where you and Joel, and Robert are just burnin! I was a freshman, knowing nothing about Jazz when I eneterd Bayside, but it was pretty much after that show, that I said I wanted to be like them on stage. Thanks man, you are still one of my early inspirations, along with Roger Floreska. u sound greaT!

Je te souhaite succes sur toute la ligne.
Je suis fiere de toi.

You don't know me but I had the pleasure and the bleezing of listening to your CD and It was amazing good luck and I will see you on March 11, 07, I would miss it for the world. I am also a Latin Jazz musician singer from Cuba and I'am loving your style. Keep up those amazing lips and fingers doing wonders for all of us. Beautigul pics, I have one of the as my wallpic at my job computer and everyone love it. Well lots of huggs!!!! God Bless you allways.

Hi Jean ! I'm highly impressed with your music !!! Congratulations for your awesome performance last Sunday at the International Jazz Festival of Port-au-Prince (Haiti) at the Sugar Cane Museum. I enjoyed your music so much ! It was so soft, smooth and ... divine ! It was just unbeleivable ! I'm so proud that an Haitian could play like this ! God bless you ! Keep shining !!!!
Regine Durand.

Big ups on the new CD. It's smokin'! Holla if yall come to the DC area. Peace!

Jean Caze is a gifted trumpet player and composor who will surely go onto national prominence in his music career. He has the gift of talent interlinked with a sense of business with a congenial personality that will make him a future force in the music business.

I saw you on new haitian generation and you're awesome.. i will be purchasing the album online today. May GOD continue to bless you and your family...

Right on Jean, it was just a matter of time before you emerged to the fore front. I'm glad that I had a chance to have shared the bandstand with you and participated in some of the early projects during your school years. Continue on the path my Brother, you are a force to be reckoned with.

Hey Caze,
It was not to see a talented trumpet player like you. Your sound is soo smooth. Keep up the good work. Hope to see you again!

I heard you play today in GC...phenomenal!!! Never heard or seen a trumpet player play THAT well!

Take care of that talent and God bless!

Hi love! I'm so proud of you & I'm your number one fan. You taught me all I know about jazz & gave me the intrigue to want to learn more. I can't wait to see more of where this takes you. Your mind of composing really intrigues me. I love it. You know my favourite track on this cd. Brings back fond memories. Love you.


It is nice to see someone do things right.. when I say right I mean do things from a holistic perspective.. nice website..


I'm glad to hear that you are doing so well. The album sounds really nice, and I wish you great success!!

Hi Jean Jean, I wanted to send my congratulations to you in all your success. You are truly talented and all those mornings of hearing you play your trumpet paid off!!! With all repsects congratulations and the best of luck in the future may it be that we stay in or out of touch. much love

A You have a fresh innovative tone in the age of electronics. Keep blazing a path of solid sound and continue to establish yourself a uncomprising place in Mainstream Jazz.".Keep Swinging Take No Prosoners".

Jay Edwards

Hi jean,
This is Jonathan, i'm a trumpet player as well, i met @ Cameau studio last year, where you were doing a session. Man! i'm happy for you, i like the sound of the album. You're an excellent trumpet player and i wish you all the best in this music adventure.
I'll see you @ the cd release party tonight.

God Bless!


Great sound!

Congratullations man,,,Beautiful Music ! I am happy to hear of your success and the opportunity to have shared the stage with you...I look forward to great things from you.
All the best


great tone my brother make it do what it do
your brother in universal language.

Congrats! My one and only brother! You are an exceptional and talented musician who's sultry and hypnotizing sound is soul soothing! I am very proud to be your sister and to have been there on the foreground witnessing your progress and growth throughout! God bless you and guide your Path always! Your #1 FAN
I love You! Gigi

Welcome Brother. Nice sound! "MILES LIVES."

awesome totally - heard you on len pace's show. site looks absoutlely marvelous and that trumpet sound is big and beautiful - exactly what jazz needs...
super expressive - super impressive

fre mwen ayisien, ou ye yon bad ass mizisien

Hey Jean,
Just wanted to take the time out to congratulate you on your hard work with your music, it will all pay off at the end. You are very bright, and ambitious. Keep you head up, dont forget to put the Lord first and you will continue to be a success..
God bless and take care.

You're awesome!!!!! Hey I work with your proud mom at Queens Center for Rehab. She told me all about you. Great pics!! You're a very talemted young man. Good Luck!

Keep up the good work!!!


I'm proud of you bro! We ALL always knew you'd make it. May your steps be quided.

I'm not SURE, but I'm gonna see what I can do about coming to Miami on the 1st. I'm flying down on business on the morning of the 3rd. gonna see if I can flip some things around and come out of the 1st. Miss you man, you did us proud. And to think, Stew Rubin thought it was "GaRbAgE..." lol

yo, Jean...I just want to start of by sayin how proud I am, man...You sound so different from then last time I heard you, man...Your sound and style have become so refined now...This does'nt even sound like you...GREAT WORK!!...Good luck with everything you do and continue to be an inspiration...PEACE

Hey Jean,
Congrats on the new album and all your recent musical success. You sound GREAT as always, man. Site is killin'. Best wishes for the future and hit me up if you're ever in Philly!

Great sounds! Congratulations and Best Wishes.

Hey Cuz! I am proud of you. Hopefully we'll work together one day and make the Caze album (lol). Luv you...

Hello Jean,
It has been too long. I want to congratulate you, and say how happy and proud of you I am for your new cd. I will buy, and IF I like it, I will recommend to others. =) But I am sure there will be no problem in that department, from when we met at Brevard, I was your biggest fan!
Peace and blessings,

Congrats...!!! Now the hard work actually begins...!!! Some friends referred me to UR site & Music... Fabulous! Count me in as a new Fan. Dave.

GREAT to hear from you--congrats on your new CD--I just purchased it--can't wait

jean good to hear from you! congrats on the album; i was really surprised when i heard the music. it sounds great! keep pushing. nathan

Hey Jean! I like what I hear, keep up the good work. You are a pioneer. I also love your Website. I am very proud of you. I want my son to grow up to be just like you. You are the best. All the best and success, Luv ya!!!!!!!!

i miss you jeanjean. please come visit. i am fine. i have to go to class. see you later.

I am so very proud of you. You have definitely succeeded in doing what you love for a living.

Jean, you have such a gift, so talented. I am sooooo proud of you!!! My shining star, inspirational did I mention gifted. I love you and hope to see you soon. Good job on the website. You are so photogenic. God Bless!

The CD clips for "Miami" sound awesome. Thanks also for responding to my emails. You are one cool CAT! I hope you get the chance to gig in Colorado sometime... can I be your trumpet tech. That or put me in your luggage to Haiti! nice stuff Bro!
~Your fellow trumpeter in Greeley, Colorado
~Scott Sessions

hey jean,
great music, great site.
thanks for the invitation.
i'm still in russia at the moment.
hope to see you this year.
all the best for you, my friend,

this site is TIGHT! congradulations, looking forward to the release party. it was a pleasure working with you!

Im really loving it...Congrats, so proud of you. I lova you always.

Hellooo,Jean, keep talking that beautiful cosmic sound that you create. Your band is awesome, your compositions are so fresh. All the best Jean keep the sparkle.

Jean, this is fabulous! Congratulations. I look forward to witnessing your continued success.

Jean What's Up Bro. I just want to say that i have the utmost respect for your work and musical IQ. I love everything i've heard thus far. I'm Proud That u continue to represent our country. Haitian Peace Song is my favorite track.Much Success & Love To U Bro!

Congrats on the site. Did you do the album launch yet? I will be back from Trinidad Feb 23rd. Keep your head up, stay bless.

YOO JEAN !!!! CONGRATS AGAIN !!!! MANN , Great Concept , Great Music, Great Band . KILLIN !!!!

Proud of you brother, keep it up

u rock sexy! nice job on miami jazz scene...cant wait for part 2

Jean! Congrats sir. the tracks sound killin'! I'm so proud of you man. I am so glad that even though you're not in nyc anymore you're still doing your thing. I can't wait to hear this shit live. Hit me up when you're in the city.

Yo man, dig the album. Jive Collective is BURNING!

I like what i heard in Haiti. Keep up the good work.

Congrats man! You make me proud to be Haitian. I hope to see you exploring a bit some of thoses wonderful pieces of our traditional music.
Great website.


I love the site man. The clips from your new album are killin. Keep it up! Oh, and thanks again for breakfast at ITG.

What a great artist you are. Through you, I have being able to appreciate and enjoy jazz.
Congratulations on your upcoming CD release, it is really soothing, especially the "Haitian Peace Song".
Great job Jean, I will be looking forward to more of your great work.

Jean this is excellent jazz music that you put out, this is great ; whatch out world here He comes! His sound is infectious. Marvelous to a tired soul to hear. Way to go cuz.

Beautiful peaceful site Jean

Great website Jean!
Very nice and clean - music sounds great too, and nice to be able to see what you are up to. Glad to see you are staying busy. I see you are back in Haiti soon. Im jealous!
Have a great time and hope to see u soon.

Congratulations! I like very much what I am hearing. Nice horn arrangements. I'd like to get a signed copy of your newest CD.
I used to see you perform in Elmont, NY and recently saw you at the Haitian Jazz Festival in NYC. Simply just great trumpeting! Keep up the good work, and hopefully one of these days we'll get a chance to perform together.

Congratz on this website.....I'm digging what i'm hearing! I just became a fan!

Hey Jean, congratulations on the site and the album. I enjoyed listening and cruising through. God Bless.

What up Jean, doing big things with the website. Hope all is well keep doing ya thing. The family says hi.

I love the funky sounds man.........also the opening pic on the front is hot.....the circle ,your eye in it...great photographer...

Great Cd , Ialways knew you were great.
frm MSM

Hi Jean. Congratulations on your web page design. I like it a lot. Continued success and hope I get a chance to play with you again very soon. See Ya, Sandy P.

damn u smooth...
looks tight baby...
just love the distortion on your horn
(a little free write)
from across the bar, ocean of inebriation, your brassy breath serenades my conceptual verse into a sweat soaked magic copulation ride.